The HySGrid + consortium is comprised of Spanish technology centers: AICIA, CARTIF, IKERLAN, ITG and ITE.

These technology centers of excellence present advanced knowledge in key resources in the development of Local Energy Communities.

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The Association for Research and Industrial Cooperation of Andalusia «F. de Paula Rojas »is an Innovation Center exclusively aiming for the non-profit public interest and whose purpose is to promote, guide, and develop industrial research, with special emphasis on the publication and dissemination of its results to promote technological progress in Andalusia and collaborate in better professional training of Andalusian Industrial Engineers.

The application sectors of AICIA’s R & D & i activity are focused on all areas of Industrial, Chemical, Aeronautical and Telecommunications Engineering, especially in the environment, energy, mobility and infrastructure, materials and nanotechnology sectors, industrial organization, manufacturing technologies and ICTs, among others.

The main purposes of AICIA are:

  • Execute research projects, studies and trials of interest to the industry in general and, in particular, to its associates.
  • Establish cooperative relationships with public or private entities, or with individuals, for the provision of services and the execution of research work.
  • Actively participate in the protection of the industrial environment, through assessments of pollution levels and advice on less polluting manufacturing processes and corrective measures for facilities.
  • Provide technical training and advanced training courses for postgraduates, as well as conferences and seminars on technological topics.
  • Establish and discern awards for research work, and grant scholarships to postgraduates and students to execute technical research work.

Although the association’s activities are performed preferably in the Andalusian Autonomous Community, there is a growing participation in national and international projects, in line with the integration of Spain into European supranational institutions. Specifically, in 2019 AICIA participated in 26 international projects and 91 R + D + i projects, as well as performing numerous tests, analyzes, studies and consultancies, courses and conferences. Among the international projects, there are 20 corresponding to the H2020 Program and others of the European Space Agency, mainly in the areas of Electronics and Information Technologies, Energy and Environment, and Aeronautical Engineering.
AICIA has a strong institutional participation in organizations related to R + D + i and with the company. Member of the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations, of FEDIT; founding partner of the Foundation for Aerospace Development of Andalusia. In 2006, AICIA has been recognized as an Innovation and Technology Center (CIT) at Andalusian level, and has obtained the R & D & i Management System Accreditation according to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

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