Employment exchange for the incorporation of R & D + i personnel participating in the work groups of the technological centers of excellence of the HySGrid network.

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2 de March de 2021


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POSTING DATE: 2nd march 2021

We are looking for a technical specialist, energy systems analyst, in the development of advanced prediction and optimisation algorithms with application in the energy/electricity sector. Experience in the design, development and validation of control/communication models and programmes is desirable.

Proactive and creative person, able to adapt to development needs. Therefore, ability to work in an industrial technological environment will also be an asset.

Able to communicate fluently in English both at written and spoken level. Willing to deal with clients.

Main functions:

  • Perform analysis and identification of problems. Define methodologies for the development of solutions.
  • Identify and search for key data sources.
  • Development of control models. Design algorithmic models suitable for implementation and subsequent integration with software solutions.
  • Implementation of improvements in optimisation, prediction and energy planning models.
  • Effective management of databases; statistical analysis; mathematical data processing.

Occasional duties:

  • Preparation of publications and presentations. Collaboration in writing technical papers.
  • Collaboration in the preparation of technical-economic proposals for competitive research projects.
  • Availability to deal continuously with clients in innovation projects with companies.


Working experience:

We are looking for personnel with 2 – 6 years of professional experience, fulfilling the description of the following activities:

  • Analysis of complex systems related to the energy sector.
  • Experience in green hydrogen technologies will be positively valued.
  • Modelling implementation and simulation of dynamic systems. Programming of Real-time Systems and use of Python and C#.
  • Development of algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Knowledge of electrical network simulation software: PSS/E or DigSilent PowerFactory will be positively valued.

Academic qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree in Energy Engineering or Industrial Technologies.
  2. Master’s degree in Systems and Automation Engineering or in Data Science and Engineering would be an advantage.
  3. PhD studies will be particularly valued.

Knowledge and skills required:

  • Training in modelling and simulation of dynamic systems.
  • Training in industrial computing (C++, Python, C#).
  • Knowledge in Expert Systems (Bayesian Networks, Markov Chains), Machine Learning Techniques (Neural Networks, SVM, etc) and Advanced Optimisation Algorithms (Genetic, PSO, Simulated Annealing).
  • Fundamentals of electrical machines and installations. Knowledge of energy conversion and Renewable Energy generation (Hydrogen, Wind, etc.).
  • Fundamentals in analysis and programming of Real-time Systems.
  • Topics for energy efficiency and alternative energies will be an asset.

Software and programming languages:

  • Knowledge of modelling and control of Photovoltaic Energy, Wind Energy and/or Energy Storage (Batteries, Electrolysis and Fuel Cells) systems.
  • Experience in Simulation of electrical networks. Knowledge of PSS/E or DigSilent Power Factory.
  • Experience in programming and system modelling in MATLAB/Simulink, Python, others valued.
  • Experience in the implementation of Machine Learning tools in the electricity sector (demand prediction models, energy digitalisation, and optimisation for energy systems).
  • Valuable experience in database management (MySQL).
  • Valuable programming fundamentals in C, PHP and Javascript.



  • Native level in reading comprehension, written comprehension, listening comprehension and oral skills.


  • C2 in reading comprehension.
  • C1 in reading comprehension and listening comprehension.
  • B2 in oral skills.

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